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Monday, July 03, 2006
  I have a new home!
I have moved! Please leave a comment if you would like to know the new URL.
Where are you??????
Yeah, no kidding. Where'd you go?
Im in. hit me with the sweet URL action!
Yes, I'd like to know where you are Alisa.
Where did you go to?
I would
I just found a fellow Nebraskan (I'm Texas now) from you comment left with Rhodent.
I would like to read further, thanks. I think Rhodent will vouch for me?
Hey! Where'd you go?
Bugafundis, where you going?
Thanks for the comment on Mushy's Moochings, and sure, I'd like to check out your site too.

Comment Comment! Where you at?
I won't spam you... show me the money! LOL
I lost your new URL. Could you please send it to me again?
Alisa ... I need your new home address! Thanks!

Alisa, please send me your new blog address... I am trying to get my new links set up for the new #$@%%^&*#@@
So I am a complete idiot and I somehow erased your new web address when I redid my blog...can you stop by my blog and leave it for me please?
Yes, I would love to know your new URL.
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